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Mondo & Scaglione lands in Cile
La Mondo & Scaglione renews its presence in Chile thanks to the sale of a Case Sealer model CRCD to the historic Chilean company Cousiño Macul in Santiago.

Whyte & Mackay and Mondo & Scaglione, The partnership goes on
Whyte & Mackay has renewed its confidence in our company, commissioning a new Case Erector model "378 /C"

Mondo & Scaglione and Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
Mondo & Scaglione and Reckitt Benckiser a new partnership!

IFFCO confirms the trust in Mondo & Scaglione's products
IFFCO commissioned the study and the supply of a new packing line for their Yanbu factory, in Saudi Arabia.


Home  Partitions inserter  DIVISIONS INSERTER MOD. “2010”

  Machine suitable to pick-up, open and insert automatically solid carton divisions into cases.


  • Double divisions magazine adjustable to different sizes and with a pitch-to-pitch movement according
    to division thickness.
  • A double carriage with suckers, picks up, opens and inserts divisions on bottles inside cases (this
    system enables to maintain the division blocked and squared up to its insertion inside the case). Cases
    with bottles should be previously turned on case conveyor.
  • A motorized case conveyor feeds cases to the machine, positions them in the division placing area
    and unloads the case.
  • 90° degrees case turning devices to be installed on case conveyor at machine in-feed/out-feed.
  • “Touch-screen” display to manage machine functions, the changeover and to visualize possible anomalies.
  • Machine complete of electrical installation, electrical panel and safety guards.
  • Machine managed by a PLC Siemens S7.
  • N.B. This machine can be equipped of a motorized, vibrating conveyor and of a pushing unit electropneumatically controlled to make easier divisions lowering between bottles inside case.

Output dph 1500 on 12-pack; 1800 on 6-pack
Installed power kW  2
Working pressure bar  5
Compressed air nipple Dia 3/8
Air consumption l/min 150

Data sheets of equipment are not binding data


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