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Mondo & Scaglione lands in Cile
La Mondo & Scaglione renews its presence in Chile thanks to the sale of a Case Sealer model CRCD to the historic Chilean company Cousiño Macul in Santiago.

Whyte & Mackay and Mondo & Scaglione, The partnership goes on
Whyte & Mackay has renewed its confidence in our company, commissioning a new Case Erector model "378 /C"

Mondo & Scaglione and Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
Mondo & Scaglione and Reckitt Benckiser a new partnership!

IFFCO confirms the trust in Mondo & Scaglione's products
IFFCO commissioned the study and the supply of a new packing line for their Yanbu factory, in Saudi Arabia.


Home  Case Packer  AUTOMATIC CASE PACKER MOD. “M.P. 1/2”

Machine suitable to insert automatically bottles inside "American" style cases. 


  • A motorized bottles conveyor feeds bottles on a single lane.  Stainless steel frame, adjustable guides, adjustable supporting pivots, PVC feet, plastic chain with low friction rate.
  • A pusher group with electro-pneumatic control prepares the bottle group to be packed automatically and according to the programmed packing pattern.
  • A counting system with photoelectric control, feeds a predetermined number of bottles to the pusher. After counting and with product staying under the photocell, the pusher starts.
  • A platform, to collect the bottle pack, contains pushed bottles ready to be picked-up. A photocell, if engaged and after an established number of pushes, signals that bottle pack is ready to be picked up by the picking head. In case the photocell is engaged after a wrong number of pushes, machine goes in alarm and on display it is indicated that a bottle could be fallen or that during previous cycle a bottle could not have been picked-up.
  • A motorized case conveyor, complete of stop and selection groups, feeds, positions and downloads the product automatically. Stainless steel frame, adjustable guides, acetal plastic chain with low friction.
  • Case presence and position detectors.
  • A centring group with electro-pneumatic control allows the case centring for a correct bottle insertion into cases.
  • Movement of hold-head carriage with 2 axes, vertical and horizontal, with electro-pneumatic control.
  • Centralized control panel.
  • Machine managed by a PLC Siemens series S7.
  • Display "touch-screen" PRO-FACE to manage machine functions, the change-over and the diagnostic of possible anomalies.  
  • Centralized installation for air filtering and lubrication. 
  • Air pressure switch for pressure control. 
  • Anodized aluminium safety guards, access doors and safety micro-switches where necessary. 


Type A B C
M.P. 1/2 1100 1540 2470

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